Elvis and us at the PEIR HEAD, LIVERPOOL

Yesterday l went to the new Elvis and us exhibition in Liverpool. This is a brief summary from memory what L saw in the exhibition
As you enter you see black and white pictures of Elvis and facing you is a big picture from Tupelo 56.as you go round the corner and enter the exhibits you first see in a big glass case Elvis’ army overcoat in khaki with a photo at the back of Elvis wearing his overcoat, to the right is a small room with some footage of a young Elvis in tupelo and some news clips to give the visitor a basic idea of Elvis and the impact back then …great for new fans or the general public ..
The exhibition is split into 3 sections in the first there is
Elvis’ army overcoat
A Crayola crayon box that belonged to Elvis
A black onyx ring from Louisana hayride
A pair of shoes from 50s looked like they were Jailhouse Rock
One of Elvis ‘sailor caps
Two leather bound scripts from loving you and Jailhouse Rock
Elvis Humes High School diploma
Some memorabilia from the 50s (scarfs, books, hats, banners ect)
A shirt from Jailhouse rock
A tan leather wallet of Elvis’
A badge from ROTC
There were a few more items in this section. But l went with my son who was special needs and so did not have the time to read every little bit of info that as their properly but l have listed 95% of the first section
In the second section is a large picture of the Beatles and quotes on one wall on the other is behind a glass wall Elvis ‘pool table from his home in California, also in this section is the guitar Elvis was playing sat on his white couch at Graceland, also there is a film playing of Pricilla and a few various people who knew Elvis talking of the meeting with the Beatles. as you leave this section there is a big picture of Elvis paying the guitar on display .There is a row of four sets in here to sit and watch the video or take in the display
In the third and last section there is a wall dedicated to 68 special with a small monitor and pics on wall plus his acoustic guitar and chair from the special, on the other wall is some achievements like his platinum disc award for the sale of 2 million sales for aloha from Hawaii.in the centre of this room is the blue shirt (above) Elvis wore in the comeback show …plus a small case of more memorabilia from the 60s and 70s … in the next cabinet Is a jumpsuit and cape from l would say 73 l would say it was the stone burst or sunburst suit gold yellows and amber stones on cape and suit and another jumpsuit from 1970 .Near the end there is a small case advertising Viva Elvis from a head dress and costume from the shoe basically a show girl top ,briefs and head dress.. before you leave on the final wall is a beautiful picture of Elvis arms outstretched the Madison square garden pic at end of the show on the back ground is gold with writing covering the background this is stunning and wish it was my wall at home …there is a few more discs in this room but l have covered as much as l can remember from memory….

The above picture of Elvis with arms outstretched is the picture at end of exhibition but with a stunning background of Gold. And the other pictures are of the two jumpsuits on display. All in all l had a positive experience and will go again my only criticism is that it is too small and music in my opinion should have been playing even though you get the mp3 player and head phones for the electronic guide l personally like to hear our man if l go to an event .. the exhibition is well set out and in a nice location there is a coffee shop down stairs and a seating area to relax in …the Elvis shop is good if you want EPE products but a little on expensive side … if you have been to Graceland then this is a drop in the ocean but if you have not been you will be in awe of seeing some of Elvis personal items in a nice setting ..The price is £6 for the Elvis and us exhibition there are concessions available and it is about £15 for the Beatles experience and Elvis and us..
While l was here many where going into the Beatles not so many going into Elvis and us, but it is early days and the word will spread. If you do it all the Beatles and Elvis then a great day could be had if it is just for Elvis exhibit yes l would go and will go again .If you are travelling a distance these days it is a decision only you can make as many Elvis products are on the market to buy.so to me it depends where you stand to see an genuine Elvis item a shirt or jumpsuit ect or a products you may have been looking forward to or saving for.
My opinion is it is worth a visit and Liverpool is a great friendly city lots to see and do plus a little bit of Elvis and music history thrown in for the next two years …what more could you want ....


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Comment by memphis maria on October 8, 2011 at 10:03
I went again yesterday and it was much better than the first day think Elvis was listening to me as they played his music while l was their and lots more people in the exhibition today ..and saw more than first time ...Great day cannot wait to go back ...

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