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Welcome to the Elvis Fan Club at Elvis.co.uk, by using this Elvis fan site you agree by the following rules and respect other fans.  Elvis.co.uk are not responsible for the behaviour of site members, but we will take action when the following rules are broken. 

1. Decisions of the Elvis.co.uk administrators and editors are final.

2. This website is for Elvis-related content only, so if you upload any photos, video, forum topics and other content, please ensure that it is Elvis-related. This helps ensure the user experience for all Elvis fans and keeps Elvis.co.uk on topic as an Elvis fan club. If you want to add any off-topic content, or embed other video please use the text box in My Page, but please ensure you do not violate any of our other site rules.
Spam and advertisements will not be tolerated - see notes 6 and 9.

3. Do not post images or video of Elvis Presley, or other copyrighted works without permission. The use of copyrighted material should be limited to selected quotes that convey just enough of the essence of a topic to spark discussion. If you upload an image or video of Elvis, please include a copyright notice stating that you have permission to upload that content and name the copyright owner. Without this notice we will not authorise the upload.

4. Keep it clean! – This is a family friendly site and we will not tolerate offensive language, videos or images and will remove any links that drive our visitors to inappropriate websites.

5. Be polite! No racial, ethnic, religious, political, sexual or other slurs or personal attacks (on a Elvis.co.uk user or other person) will be tolerated. We will also remove intentional attempts to drive posters away or make them feel unwelcome, or posts made with the purpose of criticizing or insulting another Elvis fan will be removed.

6. No image banners or advertisements for other sites and/or discussion boards, affiliate links, Google adsense, paid links or similar are allowed. The companies and websites that advertise on Elvis.co.uk have paid for that privilege. Please contact us for advertising details. If you want to sell your Elvis wares on Elvis.co.uk please use the Elvis Marketplace section (under Elvis Shop tab).

7. Do not add JavaScript or other code to this website without the express permission of Elvis.co.uk.

8. User names that contain the domain of your business, website, favourite charity, etc. are not allowed. Links or banners intended to sell products, promote events or services are also not allowed. Exceptions include text links to your personal home page or website in your profile and/or footer.

9. No spamming of Elvis.co.uk will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, posting for the sole purpose of promoting your website, event, online shop, products, Ebay auction, etc. and also repeatedly posting the same or similar content more than one time, on comment walls or in more than one forum post, excessive no-text posts, or posts made with such frequency as to disrupt normal operations of the board. Please contact us if you wish to advertise. We also have FREE Elvis events section, events posted elsewhere on this site will be removed.

10. Do not upload advertisements to the Fan Photos area. This will also be considered spamming our site and includes, but is not limited to, contact information, web addresses, product advertisements etc.

11. Do not abuse the comment wall of members. This will result in a warning to the offending user(s) and/or a possible ban. This includes selling your events, products, services and promoting websites etc.

12. Do not abuse the private message system. Please contact an Admin if you receive an abusive or spammish PM. The contents of another member’s private messages should never be publicly posted Elvis.co.uk without their permission.

13. Do not give out personal information about any individual (including photos) without their permission.

14. Persons under 18 years of age should seek parental consent before joining a social networking site and giving out personal information in public or private through the use of this website.

15. DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS (it's considered shouting) and no 'hotlinking' directly to pictures on another website (it uses up their bandwidth which is costing them money and reduces the user experience in this forum). Please see item 2 on the use of images and video.

16. If another poster violates the rules, please just ignore their post or PM and notify Elvis.co.uk. Debating with hostile posters about their behaviour only causes the situation to degenerate. Another person's poor behaviour is not an excuse to misbehave - and DO NOT use others behaviour as an excuse to abuse Elvis.co.uk.

17. Do not post duplicate Elvis items in the Elvis Marketplace, or within Elvis events and although we welcome events posted by Elvis Tribute Artists, or other Elvis-related entertainers, do not upload gig lists as one event, as this compromises the online calendar function. P lease add all public Elvis events individually.

18. Do not use this site to insult any other Elvis fans, organisations, tribute artists or entertainers. Remember we are all Elvis fans here! If you have a personal issue deal with that person or organisation directly.  

19. We monitor all dubious names and activity on this site.  If you try to join under a fake name, just to cause trouble, this will result in an instant ban. 

20. Elvis.co.uk reserve the right to edit any postings, to maintain the user experience and functionality of this website.

21. Still have questions about our rules? Please refer to rule #1.

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