Elvis Event Tips

Promoting Your Elvis Event

Elvis events get a lot of keen views on Elvis.co.uk, so make sure you make the most of your free listing, with our tips on adding an Elvis event to this website.

  1. Name: Put in a clear headline describing your event, such as Elvis Disco, Elvis Tribute Night or Elvis Fundraiser. If you are featuring an Elvis Tribute Artist, name the artist in this field, which may attract fans of that entertainer
  2. Description: Put in as much information as you can in this space. The more information you give our visitors, the more likely you are to convince them that this will be a great night. Fill the space right up, but do not put the location here, use our location field for that.
  3. Event Type: Use speech marks to connect descriptions - i.e. "Elvis Disco"
  4. Location: Very Important!! This rolls up to the front page of events, so to encourage Elvis fans to look at your event, they need to see the location first, so they can be tempted by something local.

Further Promotion of your Elvis Event

You can feature your event at the top of our events page to ensure that Elvis fans see your event first. Please contact Elvis.co.uk for details or see our section on Advertising on elvis.co.uk

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