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Elvis.co.uk is an interactive online fan club for Elvis Presley fans. Our philosophy is to provide an engaging online community for Elvis fans and to promote Elvis Presley in a manner that advances his public presence and maintains Elvis Presley's integrity as a leading artist.

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Photographs by Joe Tunzi

Our Elvis logo and other assets were created in 2005 using photographs with permission from Joe Tunzi.
Photographs from Joe’s photo agency have appeared in the liner notes to numerous audio releases by BMG/RCA and he is widely acknowledged as one of the most reputable authorities on Elvis Presley’s recordings.

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Our Elvis site is also moderated by our talented TCB crew: Our co-editor and promoter Trevman., Elvis experts Brian Quinn and Aaron SpicerRock 'n' Roll DJ Suzy Q, Elvis fan and now ETA Jason Saxton.

Thank you very much...

For all the help and enthusiasm from the following people, who have contributed to the well-being of this site, and my sanity, over the years: Robert Barnes, Tricia Barnes, Ed Bonja, Russ and Cate Conneely, Tony Dobbs, Rene Dwight, Bud Glass, Joanne Hagin, Darrel Higham, Russ Howe, David Landsberg, Ernst Jørgensen, Anne King, Nicola McPherson, Karl Mundy, Alvin Printwhistle, Dave Richards, Jason Saxton (Little Elvis), Sonny West, Marty Lacker, Rachael Williams, Suzy Williams and especially to Trevor Yeardye (Trevman), PR champion for Elvis.co.uk. If you have been approached by a moustachioed Pierce Brosnan lookalike at an Elvis disco wielding Elvis.co.uk cards, that wasn't 007 it was Trevman!

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