Hi all, just wondered what you think of ( if you've heard it of course ) steve wright on radio 2's "ask elvis" slot. do you get annoyed by it or just take it as a bit of light hearted stupidity or do you think it cheapens Elvis's memory even more. i notice that whenever he does this item that he normally plays 2 or 3 Elvis songs before and after, probably to placate the fans. but back to the question what do you think of it? 

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We love it.  Have listened to to it for years ;o)


Elvis would have loved it.
He would have been rolling around the floor like the rest of us, lets not all get too precious about Elvis being cheapened, you have to look no further than EPE for that, Elvis potato head!!!
Yeah Trev i agree its made me laugh out loud many times didnt realize he was still doing it as i have smooth or gold on more now.


  I love ask Elvis and I also think E would too. He's a very knowledgable guy you know!!! hee hee

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