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Hi Brian

 Just watched the clip missed out about 10 mins will watch it again ...feels wierd when he mentions "The Elvis Brand" even though l know that is what he is today "a brand" ...not sure what l think of it funny but, as a fan making fun and saying yes you are an Elvis fan arnt you !!!!l suppose it is how you publicly do speaking  to groups in the buisness world like someone who has done a college degree in public speaking  and promotion  to me ...he is someone who probably was not born when Elvis was around and has not got that feeling or passion for me ...l know 70 year olds maybe too old but someone who was not alive and know the feeling for Elvis shows to me when l hear EPE speak buisness no passion l would like to see passion and ,buisness as well combined ..just my views ....hard to believe people of memphis have not been to graceland then again l have not been to Buckingham palace ,then that is a distance from where l live ..if l was in memphis would be their everyday....

Are you wanting feedback on the speech and what was said ?


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