My German friend sent me this email attachment as part of a lot of other famous people who started out in life as losers! lol

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first time Ive ever seen baby Elvis in a pram! what a cutie pie!

Angela, I hate to break it to you, but the picture in the pram is not Elvis (the other one is) - the pram picture is meant as a bit of a joke with the hair etc.

lol you are kiddin me right Aaron?  well, I have to tell my German friend...i didnt know that!! feel a bit silly now, me. :D  I remember having lots of hair when i was a kid in a are you sure, and do you know who it is then?  even if the hair is airbrushed, then at least the lips and the eyes, must be his?? no??????

Just the age of the print gives this one away.  Definitely not Elvis! It doesn't look like him at all anyway, sorry Angela!

hiya, thanks for that Julie, of course, we have all seen Elvis as a cute little two year old wearing a hat standing with his parents in that famous portrait, but how come there are no other ones of Elvis as a baby?  would have loved to have seen sure they are around somewhere...

sorry Julie what is the age of the print?

Good Pictures.

lol, David, apparently the baby isnt Elvis, wouldnt i love to know who that baby is!! :))  the pushchair he is in does look like something Gladys and Vernon wouldnt have been able to afford in those days I guess.

Looks nothing like a young Elvis. what people do to get attention!!!!!!!!!

ok, so maybe I should pose the question again: WHO IS THE PIC OF BABY ?  any wild guesses???

Dont like the script people who set out as losers ..not nice and no one sets out in life as a loser ...found that really offensive 

hi Maria, I think it is something to be celebrated in fact, that someone whose teacher at school thought they would not go far, etc. actually turn out to be the greatest singer, inventor, scientist of all time, you have to look at a word like 'loser' differently Maria, and show people that you are not! that would be a victory wouldnt it but I understand why you think it offensive!

Sorry Angela disagree  teachers should not call people losers  ,Elvis was poor not a loser ..disagree on this one .....if a teacher tells you enough in some children  you begin to believe it  anyway l just wanted to say wrong choice of words..... Elvis was not an ever been a loser just poor then not so poor lol.....

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