I cant seem to get this tune out of my head!! :

Listening to both PJ Proby and Elvis' version, they sound pretty close....

what do you think guys?


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The Elvis song is nicely sung over the film's opening scenery. PJ Proby performed well in the theatre show "Elvis" that was on in the west end not long after Elvis died on 16th August 1977. PJ played the older Elvis. Shakin' Stevens did very well as the middle Elvis. PJ sang "Mama Liked The Roses" and the whole of the stage had roses projected onto the back of it.

It's amazing that 37 years have gone by since Elvis died and we are still getting new outtakes and alternative recordings plus new books on Elvis!

My first Elvis gramophone record was a 78 of "Heartbreak Hotel" (Blue HMV label) followed by "Loving You"/"Teddy Bear". That was 57 years ago! My first LP was "Golden Records" (including "Too Much" which was very catchy) and my mother and I listened to the LP in a small booth in HMV in Bond Street, London W.1. before deciding to buy it!

wow thanks Victor, great to read your info.. especially about the 'theatre show' which I sadly missed...I had just come to England in 1975 :(  and didn't really get around much    I remember being quite in mourning when Elvis died...so wouldn't have wanted to go see a show...lol.....I don't have a lot of Elvis memorabilia but what I have I treasure... have a great day

Thanks for your reply, Angela. The night Elvis died, I was driving home from the west end after a birthday supper with my mother and there was a lot of Elvis music on the car radio. I didn't realise why at first. When we got home, the ITV "News at 10" was on and the TV announcer, Reginald Bosanquet said that it had been reported that Elvis Presley had died, but then right at the end of the news, this was contradicted saying (wrongly) that Elvis was not dead but was receiving treatment at the hospital!

The theatre show "Elvis" was put on quite soon after Elvis died and on the Web, there is the following text on Wiki:

"The original West End production opened on November 28, 1977 at the Astoria Theatre in London. Elvis was portrayed by three actors: Tim Whitnall as Elvis in his early years; Shakin' Stevens as Elvis in his army and movie star years; and PJ Proby as Elvis in his Las Vegas years. Live musical accompaniment was provided by the rock and roll revival group, Fumble.[2]"


Going back to "Fun In Acapulco", I like the song "You Can't Say No In Acapulco" and I notice that "Bossa Nova Baby" is being used on a TV advert of late. At the time the film came out in the early 1960s, Col. Parker is said to have remarked that Elvis's leg movements were the same as he had been criticised over in the 1950s. Actually, that was not quite right, as the Bossa Nova Baby movements were different and indeed, Elvis had even introduced a gentle "Twist" movement earlier in "Kid Galahad" in the song "I Got Lucky".

Of the two films made for United Artists ("Follow That Dream" and "Kid Galahad"), I thought that the songs were generally much better integrated in the latter film.

Note that in one of Bing Crosby's "Road" pictures with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, Dorothy remarks how funny it was in pictures that suddenly music can start up out of nowhere and then she proceeds to wave her hand through the water (they're on a small boat) and the music duly starts so that Bing can warble a love song to her.

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