Hi guys n girls, found another great radio station Elvis 24/7  www.rockstarradios.net/tag/elvis-matters-radio/   TCB.

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thank you Jason soooooo much!!!   Too much monkey business....!! Im listening now!! :)

Blue Suede Shoes now.....aha aha.....there are songs on here I have not heard before...on the cds I have;;;so glad Jason mentioned this station...I shall forever listen!

Hi Angela it's a great station i listen all the time, Elvis 24/7 now that is TCB.   here's another one for you  http://tunein.com/radio/Heartbeat-Radio--Graceland-Radio-s91657/    "Keeping the king alive"
Im listening to Fun in Acapulco....must go there tooo!!  I love that song! from the new station you provided Jason
hey now come on....you ol sleepy head.....this is no time for siesta this is time for fun :P

Hey genius,..,listening to http://tunein.com/tuner/?StationId=91657


thanks Jason..... :P      singing my fav One Night with You !!




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