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The Elvis Radio Show is now a member of Elvis.co.uk
10 hours ago
pacer burton posted a discussion


having just watched elvis on tour the alternate movie it makes me wonder about all the missed oppourtunities that the elvis management at the time missed out on with all these out takes and cut scenes from ttwii and elvis on tourthat have been…See More
11 hours ago
Profile IconElvis.co.uk via Facebook

Alfred Wertheimer has died. He was such a great guy to meet, such a big personality too. Sad news. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/famed-elvis-photographer-alfred-wertheimer-dies-26349601

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Facebookyesterday · Reply
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Sharon Edge posted a discussion

my first trip to memphis

I was only 6 when elvis died but my mum, aunt and sister were big fans and played his records so thats where my interest began. Although only being 6 i remember the day he died. We were having a bed delivered and my mum sent the delivery man away as…See More
Lesley Pilling commented on Lesley Pilling's event 'Birthday Celebration for Elvis - hosted by The Circle G Foundation'
glan simmonds president. and david arnold are now friends
Oct 16

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