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We're excited to announce our new show on Always Elvis Radio, broadcast live from Graceland Randers.

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Elvis Fans Latest

Brian Quinn replied to Brian Quinn's discussion Latest Billboard Charts
"'Heart And Soul' drops from 17 to 18 on the Billboard Country Catalog Album Chart for w/e 4th April, 2015. Elvis has no other entries on the Billboard Charts. "
22 hours ago
Angela Simoes replied to Angela Simoes's discussion Elvis at the O2 Arena
"hi Marie and Patsy Havent been on here much, since getting a full time job, but going to Portugal soon....I havent yet been yet to the O2 arena....they say all good things come to him who waits...maybe my best day is yet to come....TCB Elvis forever…"
pacer burton posted a discussion

tickle me soundtrack , a wasted chance

when elvis done tickle me , there was no new songs written for this film so they went to elvis back catalogue and what they chose beggars belief , considering what they could have chosen , we could have elvis doing girl of my best friend / like a…See More
JOHN DOLAN updated their profile
Patsy Eve replied to pacer burton's discussion follow that dream ad
"It's good to hear it,maybe people will want to buy it even if they are not elvis fans!!!"
Patsy Eve replied to Angela Simoes's discussion Elvis at the O2 Arena
"Hi Angela,went there the first day when it opened.havent Been back since going this month to see the black leather suit even though I saw it there in January !!!"
Anthony Kelsall replied to pacer burton's discussion follow that dream ad
"A brilliant song."
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