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Elvis Fans Latest

pacer burton commented on Pelvis Paul C's photo

E T A's Elvis Tribute artists,at Elvis weekend.

"mike I know a lot of elvis fans who love elvis , it doesn't mean they all put jumpsuits on and go and sing in the nearest bar/hall . "
16 seconds ago
pacer burton commented on Pelvis Paul C's photo

E T A's Elvis Tribute artists,at Elvis weekend.

"im not even going to bother answering that , its pelvis with a capital p , as for seeing it to believe it , I don't think so , your not elvis , just some person who is promoting themselves , which I can see any in any bar or karaoke night on a…"
8 minutes ago
edna fahey might attend jayne rawlings's event

Elvis Weekender at COVENTRY

November 27, 2015 to November 29, 2015
Elvis Weekend SpecialAppearingPete Storm - Juan Lozano- Ciaran Houlihan - Darren Graceland Jones Friday 27th November, 2015 from 1pmToSunday 29th NovemberBreakfast3 Course Evening Meal both nights& Accomodation+ Lunch on SaturdayAll shows on…See More
1 hour ago
edna fahey and Pelvis Paul C are now friends
2 hours ago
Martin Freeman posted a discussion

Makes you Wonder What Elvis Items are left in Graceland

With news that a new Elvis exhibition opens in Vegas in April & the O2 event is still on till August - just how much genuine material remains in Graceland?
2 hours ago
Martin Freeman replied to Elvis.co.uk's discussion Elvis Presley's secret Chevy van
"There was some debate after the Fox report - indicated by the two pics later released."
2 hours ago
mike kon commented on Pelvis Paul C's photo

E T A's Elvis Tribute artists,at Elvis weekend.

"I didn't think a lot about Eta's either but after going to rockahula portsmouth the last three years seeing gordon Elvis, pete storm, ben portsmouth, ben thompson , and others it makes a change to see live music and after speaking to some…"
3 hours ago
Pelvis Paul C commented on Pelvis Paul C's photo

E T A's Elvis Tribute artists,at Elvis weekend.

"It's Pelvis with a capital P,thank you.I didn't say" i feel the same way as you."I said i felt the same in many way's,*past tense sir). And It's "Pelvis Paul" because I'm Paul and such a big fan of Elvis.…"
5 hours ago

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